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The Mission


My heart’s deepest desire and the intention behind all that we create here at Nondual Waters is to help you put an end to all unnecessary suffering, to know the divine in your heart and to help and inspire you to design a beautifully authentic personal life.

The Vision


My vision is to help people know and ground in the experience of their essential nature, as that which shares its being with all beings.  We want to help any sincere seeker of Truth, Love, and Beauty from whatever background or tradition overcome the illusory belief in separation and thereby free themselves from the continuous sense of lack, incompleteness, and self-obsession that constitute the unnecessary suffering we endure. 


My promise is to help you deepen your understanding of the nature of reality as non-dual, to experientially know it in your heart as deeply intimate oneness with all beings and things, and to know and experience the distance between you and the Sacred to have completely collapsed.


My dream is that as a human family this understanding and experience may firstly grow anchoring roots into our fundamental state of being; and that it may further begin to foundationally inform all of our thinking, feelings and actions, and their subsequent expression in all our activities and relationships.  I dream that from this connected place of abundant Love and Beauty, we may be inspired to design a personal life that is beautifully authentic and is a full embodiment of the individual expression of divinity that I believe we all are.

About Adam

Blessed with a very multicultural upbringing, Adam was born in Switzerland to French and Indian parents and lived in England since the age of 9 where he went to school. Brazil is also his second home and Portuguese is his favorite language to speak as it allows him to express emotions most vividly in speech.

Having to grow up in various countries and cultures, as well as being fascinated by the mysteries of existence all of his life, Adam has been seeking Home in truth, love and beauty - for a sense of belonging that transcends any cultural, group, or personal identity - for as long as he can remember.

This unfolded into a lifelong passion for knowledge and understanding that would not only quench his intellectual curiosity but also catalyse personal transformation, opening and unleashing the power that lies in the heart.


Adam has actively been exploring the spiritual dimension of human life for the last 6 years, and continues to be fascinated by all different traditions.  His exploration of living and understanding non-duality currently expresses itself mostly (but not exclusively) through Christian mysticism, contemplative prayer and yoga, as well as the intellectual exploration of the nature of experience through classical Advaita. He recently completed his BSci degree in Physics and Philosophy at King’s College London where he went most deeply with physics into quantum mechanics, and explored questions about the nature of consciousness in contemporary philosophy of mind and metaphysics.

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