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On the Power of Authentic Humanness

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Beautiful Humans

Beautiful humans all around me are just seeking connection. We all secretly want an excuse to connect; to crack a little joke, spark a small flame of mutual humanness.

This is our truth, our common authenticity. We all want to connect in our truth; in our imperfectness and wholeness we long to be known. Just for a little moment once a day, is that too much to ask?

We long to be known in our true multicoloured and seasonal nature, but instead we wear the same rigid and single coloured mask as everybody else. Can I call it the seemingly eternal frown?

Walk around with these masks on we do. Nevertheless holding them loosely to our face; peaking through the side as we discreetly wait for another to take theirs off; give us permission to walk mask free.

This is how we are, let us not judge ourselves; nor let the inner personal development guru give us a motivational scolding: “take your damn mask off and be yourself!” No.

There is beauty in our condition, no amount of scolding is needed. To force ourselves to be anything else is just to put on another mask altogether.

We are all seeking authentic connection in our honest truth, and we are indeed all wearing masks. This is how it is. It is also just a fact that sometimes we take them off, and this gives others permission to take theirs off.

Here’s what I will encourage though, when by grace masks do come off, in those truly mystical moments, fully cherish and marvel at the beautiful humanity that is under every mask.

When by grace and conscious intention, your own mask comes off, as your unapologetic truth is on display, watch as the beauty of authenticity inspires more masks around you to drop. Soak in the spirit of gratitude that you invoke in those around you as they gladly accept the long waited chance to drop the mask. Even if only for a moment.

It is in these subtleties of life that I am reminded of the beauty of simple and imperfect humanness; something we seem to acknowledge too little in this perfection driven age.

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So sad, no more tribe who knows and understands the need for authentic human connection and Love, from birth. Now, we seem to be trying to adapt to an "artificial life," where no real Truth can thrive and everyone would rather hide.

Me gusta

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