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On The Relationship Between Knowledge and Surrender for the Seeker of Absolute Truth

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Surrender All Knowledge

Surrender all that you know,

And let the Unknown be your only Teacher.

Give it all away,

Offer it up as a sacred offering to the Real,

To the only One who Really Is.

Most of all,

Surrender all that you know about yourself.

Let go of all concepts, projections, stories,

And ideas that may indeed point to truth,

But are not the Truth itself.

For Truth is the unchanging and absolute,

And Truth is to be found only here,

In the eternal Now of direct experience.

Surrender all knowledge that you hold dear about Reality and Self.

With no concepts to cling to,

And the mind in darkness,

You now allow the Heart to be the true knower.

If you do this,

You will discover the unfathomable freedom in letting all Knowledge reside in the Source of it all;

The only place any true knowledge has ever resided.

You will know Reality, from Reality, through Reality and as Reality, with no need for a conceptual bridge.

And you will know God, from God, through God and as God, with no need of your image of god.

As Balyani said, “I knew the Lord, through the Lord.”

And you will know that there is only Him and that all things Real are Sacred.

In making yourself dependent no longer on ‘your’ knowledge and understanding,

And now dependent on the only dependable Source of knowledge and understanding there actually is,

You experience true freedom of mind.

For you now unburden yourself with the task of personally grasping the Real, before you experience the Real.

You will realise that all that you can grasp about the Real is mere illusion,

And all you can do,

If you really want to know,

Is surrender and let the infinitely Intelligent One, whose Being is all being,

Show you the Real in Himself.

Then you will know not because you ‘know’ the Truth,

But because you woke up to the Real.

I wish this for all.

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